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Contact us now - 0404 059 735 or 9626 5551 or info@hillscomputersolutions.com.au

Do you more room to store files or need to speed up your computer with more memory?

We can arrange this for you.

+ Memory

+ Bigger hard disk

+ Wireless router

+ External hard disk & backups

+ Printers/Multifunction devices

+ New LCD screen

+ Wireless keyboard and mouse

Call us now for a quote.

We provide an Internet and Email Setup service to get you going ASAP.

Are you paying too much for your internet connection?

We are affiliated with Exetel Pty Ltd, who offer ADSL2 plans from $9.50 per month. We can organise the transfer for you.

Want to share your home internet with your kids iPads, iPhones, Notebooks, Tablets, etc? We can expand your home network to enable your whole family to connect to the net.

Ask us how.

Does your computer run slow or not behave like it was when it was new?

Just like a car, computer need a Tune-Up from time to time.

Today there are thousands of viruses, malware, spyware that can leave their mark in your computer.

Our Tune Up service includes:

+ Perform Virus Scan

+ Remove unwanted Applications

+ Optimise Start-Up process & speed

+ Remove old unused tempory files

+ Install security and update packs

+ Hard disk speed optimisation

+ Vaccuum and cleanout

To ensure your computer runs as well as you expect, we offer regular cleaning and maintenance services.

Due to natural dust in the air, all computers have cooling fans which breath in dust and clog up the inside of your computer. As part of our cleaning services, we perform a full cleanout to ensure your computer does not overheat, run loudly or fail.

We use and recommend AVG Internet Security for all anti-virus protection.

HillsComputerSolutions is an approved Reseller of AVG products.

At Hills Computer Solutions, we pride ourselves in being able to relate and connect to the regular home or office computer user. Our technicians have over 25 years of Computer Industry experience.

No need to drop off your computer to us - We come to your home or office.

We don't charge a call-out fee, just for the first hour and then per half hour. Bigger jobs involve no upfront fee, but an estimate is provided prior to work commencing.

New Parts and Upgrades

Regular Computer Clean

Internet and Email Setup

Computer Running Slow?

Protect your PC against unwanted intruders or malicious software.

If your PC is infected or behaving strangely we can help.  We can remove all viruses from your PC quickly and efficiently.

And your all your files and information remain intact.

Virus Protection

Just bought a new computer and need help setting it up?

We can get your new PC up and running, connected to the internet, along with your emails and other programs.

Your old photos, music, and other files can be copied to your new PC too!

New Computer Setup